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  • pinhole

    Life through a pinhole

    What specifically causes pinholing when printing on an underbase and how do you best avoid it?" Pinholing is a strange phenomenon, do we really know what causes it? The short answer is no. Let's take a look at what we...

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  • What is the Best Automatic?

    What is the Best Automatic?

    Buying a new press is a huge investment and for some it's just adding capacity to an existing print shop where for others it’s a leap of faith into the unknown, often with finances promised but not guaranteed. Tony Palmer, Palmprint gives his recommendations on what to look for this large investment.
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  • Feeling the Tension

    Feeling the Tension

    It is essential to get the right mesh tension for garment printing because it affects the quality of the print. A mesh with insufficient tension can result in ink bleeding or smudging, and we risk the ink not actually wanting to leave the mesh.
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  • VELOX DTF is a system like none other.

    VELOX DTF is a system like none other.

    VELOX DTF is a system like none other. VELOX DTF (Direct-to-Film) is a fairly new digital printing method used in the textile industry. DTF is an alternative to traditional screen printing or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, offering certain advantages in terms...

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