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SPSI has been in the industry for 45+ years and over the years we have met and employed some of the industry's best. We currently have a network of experienced Experts / Consultants that can come to your facility and assist you and your staff maximize your production capabilities and maintain the consistence of your highest quality work. Our screen printing experts are not limited to MHM automatics, they can help on virtually any press that is out there. But, of course we think you and you staff would be much happier on an MHM.

July5 - August 17, 2023

Tony's schedule always books up very quickly so set an appointment today! If you have quesitions, reach out to Steve Southard - email:

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Tony has more than 30 years experience in garment decoration ranging from manual screen printing on hand carousels to the operation of multi-color automatic presses.  Specifically Tony is an expert on MHM Automatics, Tesoma, Exile Spyder, Douthitt CTS, Zentner, and numerous manufacturers of textile decorating equipment. He has helped shops all over the world elevate their 3 P's (processes, production, and profit) Tony comes to the United States quarterly and his appointments are scheduled through SPSI.


Danny  has over 14 years in the decorating apparel industry and has worked with some of the largest shops in the country.  Danny's forte' is working with shops on the complete process from concept to execution of all phase of production. Danny started his own small shop and developed it into an award-winning high-production shop in Denver area. Danny knows what it takes to develop a profitable business model.

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I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to gain efficiency in their operation.

Rob Dubow, Dubow Textiles


Tony is worth every penny, and then some

Bryce Nord, Merch-ops

Tony is Awesome!

Best thing we ever did for our screen printing shop.
1. Get Tony in
2. Buy an MHM