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Rutland ES0250 NPT Chino Base / Reducer



NPT Chino Base allows you to produce extremely soft Sepia Tone or Tone-on-Tone prints.

ES0250 NPT Chino Base allows you to produce extremely soft Tone-on-Tone prints. While this base will accept color boosters- it is primarily designed to add to finished colors to adjust or reduce.

Fabric Types



  • NPT Chino Base can be colored.
  • Create "Tone-on-tone" prints.
  • A variety of subdued looks can be printed.
  • Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications.
  • ES0250 NPT Chino Base can be used as a curable reducer for nonphthalate plastisol applications.
  • Extremely soft and supple to the touch.

Printing Tips

Prints through very fine screen mesh of 305 t/in (120 t/cm).

NPT Chino Base will have excellent wash and wear qualities when cured at 320ºF (160ºC.).

Create many colors by adding up to 30% EB Color Concentrates.

Use IMS 3.0 color mixing software available at or for thousands of color formulas.

NPT Chino Base can be colored to your specifications by mixing up to 30% EB Color Concentrates with 70% NPT Chino Base.

Print NPT Chino Base as a stand alone on dark garments to produce that “Tone-on-Tone” look with a very soft hand.

Prints through very high mesh counts for minimum ink usage to create vintage or washed out style prints.

Technical Data Sheet

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