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International Coatings Optilux 507 Enhanced Reflective Ink

SKU IC-507-Q

Optilux® 507 Enhanced Reflective Plastisol Ink is an easy to print, two-part, retro- reflective ink that contains light-reflecting microspheres and metallic flakes.


When a garment printed with Optilux® 507 ink is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight, it reflects or returns light back to the light source.

Optilux® 507 appears as a conventional metallic silver shimmer ink under normal lighting conditions, and helps increase nighttime visibility of a printed design.


Optilux® 507 ink must be mixed thoroughly with Optilux® Coupler 100 before printing in order to obtain best wash and wear durability. Optilux® Coupler 100 is provided in 2 fluid oz. (60 ml) and 8 fluid oz. (250 ml) containers. Stir thoroughly into the Optilux® 505 Reflective Ink prior to use. The recommended proportions are:

By weight: 20 grams of ink to 1 gram of Optilux® Coupler 100.

Pot life of mixed ink is approximately 8 to 12 hours. Do not mix more ink than is needed for the job. Any mixed ink not used within 12 hours should not be used again.

Optilux® 507 is not recommended for use on non-porous fabrics such as shell nylon or any other very tightly woven fabric. For use on cotton and some cotton/polyester blends. This is not a low bleed product and is not recommended for use on bleeding fabrics

Print Optilux® 507 ink through a 110 t/in (43 t/cm) monofilament screen. Use one flood stroke and one print stroke for best results. Adding pigment to Optilux® 507 ink will shade the ink slightly to a desired color, but adding too much pigment will diminish the reflective properties of the ink.

Technical Data Sheet

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