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Great Dane Graphics Operation Screen Print

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OPERATION: SCREEN PRINT is a training series geared specifically for screen printers.

Limited supply available at this price

The first mission - KILLER BLACK SHIRTS - will teach you everything you need from creating artwork properly for black shirts, to separating and printing your positives.

But your mission won’t stop there...learn how to prepare screens and go through the entire printing process. Get ready to stock your arsenal of knowledge and be prepared to start shooting out killer black shirts!

Should you accept this mission, you will be equipped with:

  • Full-color instructional book filled with images, photos, general information, as well as step by step lessons from the beginning stages of creating artwork all the way through the screen printing process.
  • Two disks loaded with tutorial movies on all the stages of the artwork and screen printing processes. Creating production-ready artwork, burning screens, setting up the press, inks, meshes... it’s all there and more.
  • Sample black t-shirt with the awesome full-color Tiger Imprint, one-color sleeve print, and tag print.
  • 5 Film Positives for you to practice printing your own Tiger shirts using the information you’ll learn.

Feel free to live chat with us if you have any questions.