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Thermotron Folder/Bagger/Sealer System

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STP-1000 programs Automatic 1 folding of a ready-made garment. With this program the machine folds garments in the middle.

The machine measures the length of the garment and automatically folds it in the middle. The maximum length of the garment that can be folded by the machine is 100cm.

Automatic Bagging Machine PV-40 The PV-40 is an automatic bagging machine for ready-made clothes. The output capacity of PV38 depends on the output speed of STP-1000 or on how fast the operator places the clothes in the machine when the machine functions independently. The automatic bagging machine PV40 packages the folded by the folding machine STP1000 clothes in polyethylene (PE) bags

The KL-60 is an automatic sealing machine that closes the bags that contain clothes coming folded and packaged from the automatic folding machine STP-1000 and the bagging machine PV-40 with adhesive tape. The machine gives the operator the option to close the bag either with one adhesive tape in its center or with two tapes at its two ends.

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