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Diamond Maxitronic 37" Squeegee Sharpener with Stand/Vacuum


The precision medium format sharpener for squeegees 37” or less.

This portable table-top design fits anywhere and comes equipped with two industrial strength diamond sharpening wheels.


  • Sharpens a wide range of squeegee materials (some materials sharpen better than others*), including single and multiple durometer.
  • Uniform grinding pressure and adjustment for material removal.
  • Secures squeegee by the blade during sharpening.
  • Accommodates various squeegee holders.
  • Includes two industrial strength diamond wheels with a 5-year warranty against diamond wear with normal use.
  • 220V model supplied with spare parts kit.

Stand and Vacuum Included
Maximum Sharpening Length: 37"
Sharpening Profile: 2 straight/square edge wheels supplied standard
Diamond Wheel Grit: 60 and 120 grit supplied standard

Typically ships directly from the manufacturer and is not in-stock at SPSI.

There is a $265 crating fee that will be added.

To check availability of in-stock equipment call our Sales Department at 800-876-7774 or email us

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