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Disposable Polyethylene Gloves (Medium)

SPSI Price: $8.95
100 per box
These gloves are Industrial / Food service grade.

Currently  out of stock


Goop Scoop - Plastic

SPSI Price: $2.00
The Plastic Goop Scoop is an all-in-one tool for easy clean-up; ink mixing; ink transfer; application to the screen, and cleaning inks from the sides and bottom of your bucket.

Stainless Steel Spatula 4"

SPSI Price: $17.30
Useful for loading and removing ink from screens, scraping out containers, and mixing inks.

Ultimate Clean-Up-Card

SPSI Price: $48.50
1500 per box
The Ultimate Clean-Up-Card™ is an inexpensive, disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers. It is designed to reduce clean-up times.

Test Tubes - 100% Cotton (Black)

SPSI Price: $122.08
100% Cotton fabric tubes (approx 100 pieces)
Made from the same material used to manufacture finished t-shirts. Great for realistic test prints!

Action Engineering MHM 16" Winged Floodbar

SPSI Price: $123.00
Winged Floodbars save so much time and effort that they're almost justified in a couple of days production. They've become so popular that we've had to ship thousands across the world! Our first winged floodbars were made for Precision Hydraulic Ovals in 1991. They were immediately accepted by every shop that tried one. Since then, they have been adapted to work with all automatic screen printing machines.
Screen printers know that getting ink on their Winged Floodbars' nuts can be an enormous hassle as they can be difficult to clean. Unlike other manufacturer's winged floodbars, Action's Winged Floodbars have no nuts. Additionally, the screws are at the very top of the floodbar, keeping them away from the ink. T

Action Engineering MHM Double Stroke Squeegee

SPSI Price: $195.00
You save 21% off list price
Double Blades will significantly increase the opacity of your print, while speeding up the printing process.
After the flood bar loads ink into the mesh, the Double Blade Squeegee's first blade pushes ink through the mesh and onto the substrate. As some ink is still left on the screen, the second blade following within a fraction of an inch behind it is able to push the remaining ink through, giving you a higher resolution and stronger, more opaque print in a much shorter time than if you were to stroke an image twice with a standard squeegee.

Albatross Spot Cleaning Gun - Expert 1000

SPSI Price: $79.95
This cleaning device will remove wet or cured printing ink mistakes from any textile material, using solvent.

Atkins Thermocouple Thermometer Kit

SPSI Price: $577.20
Provides you the precise ink temperature you need for perfect results every time.

Black 1 Gallon Plastic Container

SPSI Price: $3.89
Empty plastic container for use in ink mixing, ink storage and use in reclaim with the disposable scrub brush.
Lid sold separately

Black 1 Gallon Plastic Lid

SPSI Price: $1.66
Lid for empty plastic container for use in ink mixing, ink storage and use in reclaim with the disposable scrub brush.
1 Gallon bucket sold separately

Black Quart Plastic Container with Lid (32oz)

SPSI Price: $3.00
Empty plastic container for use in ink mixing and ink storage.
Price includes lid

Blockout Pen

SPSI Price: $9.00
You save 31% off list price
Use this touch-up pen to fill in small pinholes while the screen is on press saving you time and money.
Color: Green

CCI Blue Scrub Brush

SPSI Price: $2.75
Chemical application brush. Safe for use on mesh screens.
Use to apply ink degradent, emulsion remover and degreaser. It is recommended to use a separate brush for each chemical to avoid contamination.

Chromaline Exposure Calculator

SPSI Price: $29.95
Chromalines exposure calculator eliminates miscalculated exposure time with three kinds of quality checks.

Emulsion Scoop Coater - 12"

SPSI Price: $35.17
Tetko Pro-M coaters are lightweight and easy to handle.
These coaters are shaped to stand upright between coats

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