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Zentner Aquatec GE
Zentner Aquatec GE
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Automatic Screen Developing System with Shutter door and backlit wall!

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Automatic Screen Developing System with Shutter door and backlit wall!

Developing of screens is one of the most important processes in screen printing and responsible for high through-put and quality. Uncontrolled developing and the extremely high fresh water consumption with manual developing increases pollution and is clearly old-fashion. The requirements for automatic developing machine have to meet a very high standard. Only automating this process can guarantee consistent reproducible results. The Aquatec provides these requirements and furthermore, works in accordance with environmental needs for sound operation. The Aquatec addresses these problems with enclosed, stainless steel processing chamber, shutter closed front opening, and microprocessor control by means of applying the latest environmental technology.  

Automatic Screen Developing System with Shutter door and backlit wall!

  • Non-abrasive “touch-free” but effective developing occurs by means of a specially designed spray system: two independent, multiple and separate spray bar tracking systems, for reused water and final rinse with fresh water, oscillate simultaneously alongside the screen.
  • A quick disconnect makes occasional cleaning or replacing of nozzles jets extremely simple. The factory-set application angle of the high-quality nozzles cannot be altered because of the pre-set locking position of the nozzle and its jet. This eliminates time consuming adjustments and maintenance work.
  • The amount of washout cycles, the water pressure and stroke length according to the respective frame size are easily programmable. Controlling these variables also makes this process predictable and results in fresh water savings.
  • The recycled water for the washout process is reclaimed by a specially filtration system.
  • An integrated pump system constantly supplies reclaimed water into the integrated 150 gal. buffer tank.
  • The fresh water supply for the final rinse is used to maintain a certain conditioning of the recycled water. The overflow recycled water that is no longer used for the closedloop water system can be drained or, if requested, can be processed by the optional Waste-Water-Treatment.
  • Because of the reusing of water for the washout cycles the saving of fresh water is up to 80%. The final rinse with a very little amount of fresh water guarantees perfectly developed screens and maximized productivity.
  • Screens of different sizes are loaded through the spaciousness shutter-closed opening.
  • The shutter is opened and closed by a motor-driven device.
  • The comfortable checking of the developed screens is guaranteed by the backlit wall.
  • The free programmable microprocessor with display in English, German or other languages allows preprogramming of 10 different developing programs.
  • The AQUATEC GE is available in many standard-sizes and all customized sizes up to 15 x 33 feet.
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