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MHM X-Type Plus
MHM X-Type Plus
SPSI Price

The X-Type Plus comes with many of the features of the larger MHM machines but in a much smaller and compact footprint.

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MHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type PlusMHM X-Type Plus

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The X-Type Plus comes with more standard features than any other press in its class!  There are a host of time-saving features designed to significantly reduce your set-up times and take your total shop's production to a whole new level. The optional long stroke (LS) models increase flexibility ensuring the X-Type Plus can be tailored to fit your individual business needs and budget precisely.

MHM's innovative and user-friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad style main command unit provides simple ‘finger-tip’ controls for all operator functions. The tablet's WIFI connectivity provides for instant and real-time technical support. In addition, every printing station has its own keypad for fast and easy adjustments during set-up.

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or call 800-876-7774.

  • Tablet main control unit with WIFI connectivity
  • Self-diagnostic operating system
  • Instant technical support via internet
  • Online software updates
  • Print job memory storage via a main control unit
  • High-speed AC/Servo electric index
  • Single/double index (in both directions)
  • Print start/finish and sample modes
  • Production/batch counter
  • Skip/miss-loaded shirt button
  • Pre-heat pallets function
  • Powerful AC electric drive print heads
  • Control keypad on every print station
  • Individual 'chopper' squeegee system
  • Quick-release squeegees & food bars
  • Squeegee arm lift for increased visibility
  • Independent flood/print speed controls
  • Tool-free front/rear stroke length adjustment
  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustment
  • Squeegee pressure regulator on every station
  • MHM 'pin-lock' screen holding system
  • Adjustable screen holders for various frame sizes
  • Individual off-contact adjustment on every station
  • Full micro-registration with zero starting position
  • Aluminum honeycomb pallets
  • Push-button super-fast pallet changeover
  • Flash cure adjustments from the main control unit
  • Foot pedal with start and hold functions
  • Safety system (cable)
  • Laser positioning guides-optional
  • Smartphone/PC-app links to tablet control-optional
  • U-clamp screen holders with pneumatic lock-optional
  • Multiprint function-optional
  • Specifications SPSC 08 SPSC 10
    Number of pallets 10 
    Max. number of print stations
    6 8
    Max. print area (cm / inch) 43x50 cm/ 16.9 x 19.7""  
    Max. diameter: (cm/inch) 370 cm / 145.7" 410 cm / 161.4"
    Height of machine (cm / inch)
    180 cm / 70.9"  
    Weight of machine (kg / lbs)(kg / lbs)
    1100/2425 1270/2800
    Air consumption (l/min)
    220 (7.7 cfm) 280 (9.9 cfm)
    Rec. capacity of air supply (l/min)  350 400
    Air pressure (minimum)
    7 bar / 101.5 psi (filtered, dry air supply only)  
    Drive System
    AC-Servo drive indexer / electrical squeegee drive  
    Electrical supply
    1 ph~200 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz (+/-5%)  
    Electrical requirement (indexer)
    1.6 kW  
    Electrical requirement (per print station)
    0.4 kW  
    Registration accuracy (mm / inch)
    +/- 0.02 mm / +/-0.00079"  
    Rec. frame profile (cm / inch)
    4 x 4 cm / 1.57 x 1.57"  
    Max. frame size (cm/inch)Type LF / LS
    60 x 84 cm / 23.6 x 33.1"  
    Max. production capacity (pieces/h)
    1000 - 1200 (according to model)  
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