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Minnesota Office: P: 763-391-7390

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Kentucky Office: P: 859-568-2180

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Kevin Esselman, North Central Sales Manager
763-283-8220 | email

Mike Shiffler, South Central Sales Manager
682-365-5223 | email
Mark Beaubien, Technical Sales
763-234-2299 | email
Tim Ricci, Technical Sales
612-817-7042 | email
Ryan Stigler, Technical Sales
414-405-5550 | email
Tony Bragg, Technical Sales
515-491-5967 | email
Mike Craddick, Technical Sales
913-370-1349 | email
Troy Gilbertson, Technical Sales
612-244-1315 | email
Felipe Perez, Technical Sales
817-659-7307 | email
Mike Wing, Technical Sales
513 257-4717 | email
Brian Payne, Technical Sales
817-845-4749 | email
Nancy Copenhaven, Embroidery Sales
402-805-1064 | email
Tony Medici, Datascreen Sales
201-783-3900 | email

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NEW Equipment
  • - Just added! -

    Heated Lower Platen

    The tool you need to eliminate scorching
    The Heated Lower Platen is designed to put heat where you need it – against the adhesive and on the outer face of the garment, turned down.

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    Bottom heat allows for a lower application temperature on the top platen which eliminates scorch marks.
  • MHM IQ Oval Compact

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    MHM IQ Oval Compact

    A New Era in Screen Printing
    You'll be amazed by all the features!
  • - Just added! -

    ZSK Sprint 7

    The Sprint 7 is the only 18-needles single head bridge style embroidery machine. This machine is recommended for any size embroidery shop - from a start up to 200+ heads.

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    ZSK Sprint 7

    All ZSK Machines now feature the smallest tubular arm in the industry.

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Customer Service:


Monday - Friday
Open: 8:00am-5:00pm (CST)
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Corporate Headquarters

9825 85th Avenue North, Maple Grove, MN 55369
P: 763-391-7390 F: 763-391-7392

Mid Central Office

7943 Flint St. Bld 11, Lenexa, KS 66214
P: 913-541-8304 F: 913-541-4063

South Central Office

345 Exchange Dr.. Arlington, TX 76011
P: 817-861-3464 F: 817-861-3447

Mid Atlantic Office

1845 Airport Exchange Bvd., Erlanger, KY 41018
P: 859-568-2180 F: 859-568-2181

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